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Anatofantastic – My art exhibition!

Man-oh-man! Life has been busy. Last month (actually, almost two months ago) was the opening of my art show Anatofantastic at Zughaus Gallery in Berkeley. I was inspired by that one Magic School Bus episode in which they shrink down and travel through Carlos’ (or maybe Arnold’s) body with a good hefty dose of Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic (which is in turn inspired by Jacque Custeau).

Steve and Mario played some amazing looped ambient electronic music for the show.

Here are some photographs of the event and my pieces:


A wall of acrylic cellular structures and LED synapses.




Here are some close-up shots of the layered wooden wall sculptures. Each board was painted then glued together in a stack and compressed until it became one solid piece.

IMG_2454 IMG_2460 IMG_2459 IMG_2461 IMG_2466 IMG_2473 IMG_2472 IMG_2468 IMG_2469

All pieces were laser cut at Techshop SF!


Laser Cut Geometric Snowflakes

I recently added these intricately laser cut geometric snowflakes to the shop. I wanted to make something for the holidays with a modern twist. These first two sets shown are laser cut out of mirrored acrylic in both silver and gold. They sell in a set of 4 for $25.00. OH! And they were just featured in a roundup of 12 Geometric Ornaments over on Design*Sponge!!!!

Geometric Snowflakes by Moonish Goods Geometric Snowflakes by Moonish Goods Geometric Snowflakes by Moonish Goods Geometric Snowflakes by Moonish Goods Geometric Snowflakes by Moonish Goods Geometric Snowflakes by Moonish Goods

More Bones!

So excited about these new Window Bones. I got a bunch of neat acrylic from Inventables, including gold-mirrored acrylic, glitter acrylic and some more fluorescent stuff.

What has resulted are some outrageous new skeletons for my shop:

Moonish Goods Green Glitter Bones

Gold Bones - Skeleton Window Decorations

Gold Bones - Skeleton Window Decorations

Fluorescent Orange Window Skeleton

Green Glitter Bones - Articulated Skeleton

Sparkle Bones - Large Fleck Laser Cut Acrylic  Skeleton

Sparkle Bones - Large Fleck Laser Cut Acrylic  Skeleton

Oh My Love – Our First New Song in a Long Time

It’s been seemingly forever since we’ve recorded a new song, so I’m super happy to announce our newly written and recorded song Oh My Love.

It was written by Steve Weems, who also plays a tremolo-rich electric guitar and bass guitar on the recording. All I do is provide accompaniment on vocals.


PS. It’s the first song that he’s ever written for me in our 5 year relationship. I’m ecstatic. ūüôā

PPS. We’ve decided, sort of haphazardly, to call ourselves “Made By Us” for now. So that’s what we are… for now.

Window Bones: Laser Cut Skeletons

My sister, an anthropologist, mentioned one day how cool it would be to have a laser cut skeleton, so I made one for her. They’re fastened at the joint and come with several suction cups allowing you to pose them in your window. Oh, and they’re available for sale now, too.

Moonish Goods - Skeleton

Moonish Goods - Skeleton

Moonish Goods - Skeleton

Moonish Goods - Skeleton

Moonish Goods - Skeleton

Check them out on my Etsy shop – I’ll be adding more colors and sizes shortly.


Chroma Color Installation at Renegade SF

My first visit to Renegade Craft Fair was awe-inspiring. So many people, so many handmade goods, so little time. I gave myself 3 hours ( on the parking meter) ¬†and I still didn’t see everything.

One of the reasons I decided to go to Renegade Craft Fair was to check out the craft fair scene. What would it take for Moonish Goods to be a seller there. I knew that I wanted to see how vendors arranged their booths, and displays, and how they tied it all together with their brand/style. But what I hadn’t realized was how many items you have to stock for an event this large. ¬†Two full days from 11-7pm. And those things have to stand out from the hundreds of other vendors, an the several who may be selling items similar to yours. Lots to think about.

Meanwhile, I did take some photographs of booths and displays that stood out to me. Check them out below:

Blooms In The Air display booth at Renegade

One of the booths I admired was Ji Kim’s paper flower shop Blooms In The Air. I thought she did a good job of displaying the flowers in different and interesting ways. Flowers with stems were in buckets like at a flower stand, and flowers with peelable sticker backs packed in produce containers. I also appreciated that were examples of the flowers in use so that she could easily point to the examples when the inevitable question arose.

Zelma Rose's Display at Renegade

I liked Zelma Rose‘s display (not to mention her necklaces) using cradled art boards to create sections and organize different items. The tall displays and shelves are also made of cradled boards. Nice and DIY.

Tina Produce's Display at Renegade

I’ve seen Tina Produce‘s packaging before on Etsy, but I still think using the berry baskets and crates is genius.

Slide Sideways' Stand at Renegade

Slide Sideways did a great job of using their corner space. They set up a wall of, well, slat wall  around the corner, with a check out counter at the apex. I loved their nature patches.

There were so many more amazing booths and handmade art and products. Will definitely be back next year!


New Window Words in the Shop!

This week I’ve debuted two, read it, TWO new Window Words up on my Etsy Shop Moonish Goods.

Don't Grow Up It's A Trap - Window Word - Moonish Goods Etsy Shop

1. Don’t grow up it’s a trap.

This one was originally a custom order for an awesome customer (and fellow Etsy seller) in Germany. It’s based on my “You make me so happy.” Window Word.

Its Okay - Window Word - Moonish Goods Etsy Shop

2. it’s okay.

This Window Word is a revamp on one of my original little window hangings. This one has been simplified into one font (Futura), as a straightforward reminder that everything indeed is okay.

Moonish Goods Window Word on Etsy Home Page!

Moonish Goods Window Word on Etsy's home page!


After noticing a hug flood of hearts and follows, I noticed that my “Hella Good” Window Word¬†was featured on Etsy’s front page¬†along with these fine items. Etsy rotates their “handpicked” every 20 minutes (or so I’ve read). So exciting!!

Window Word Hella Good - by Moonish Goods

Live drawing at the Book Club


Life Drawing at The Book Club from Wriggles & Robins on Vimeo.

Turned Wood Bowl

I made this wood bowl in my teens. It was an amazing experience. The power of the lathe of the lathe was frightening. The fear of pieces of wood or metal or body parts being tossed into the air was almost as great as the fear of making a mistake.

Wood Turned Bowl by Justine Mendoza