Amazing Feats of Domesticity

by justinemendoza

Despite my best efforts (and I have tried) I found my no-new furniture personal pact incredibly difficult. I’ve tried several times to get a sofa of armchair on Craigslist only to find them a) too expensive, b) too ugly/dirty/worn out, c) the seller so flaky they didn’t even call you before not being at their own house for the pick-up (DAMMIT “APRIL” with your Orange-Creamsicle-Dream Mod Chair!) , or d) all of the above. Needless to say my flat has remained couchless.

So without further fan-fare and excuses, I happily welcome back into my life: IKEA!!!! These sneak-peak images of the new PS collection (available in the US in August) helped to sway me. I think I can save up enough couch-money by Fall.

Oooooh! Quirky-modern dresser:

Ikea PS: Quirky Modern Dresser

Ooooooh! Kinda industrial-modern looking sofa!

IKEA PS Blue-framed Couch

Oooooh! These cork-lidded (I love cork!) boxes are already available:

White Boxes with Cork Lids