Adventures in Toodling

by justinemendoza

Like mother, like daughter. We are expert toodlers. An errand here, a little shopping there, a stroll down a tree-lined street, a cup of coffee. A wonderful day altogether.

All animals gather when the rooster crows.

We visited Castles In The Air, which is so much more than just a stationary store. They have all sorts of wooden animals, spun cotton mushrooms, dresden trim, leather bound notebooks, quills, ink, wax seals, crepe paper and loads more.

Fun (almost creepy) bunnies and ladybugs:

Kinda Creepy Bunnies

Dresden trim:

Dresden Trim From Castles In The Air

Stopped for some coffee at Bittersweet. As soon as you step in the door, you’re hit with the smell of cocoa. Look to your right and marvel at a wall of chocolate bars, caramels, and cocoa mixes. To your left, they whip up shakes, coffee, several types of hot chocolate and serve truffles, pastries, and cakes baked-on-the-premises right at the back on the shop. (I won’t mention that this is when we realized we had forgotten my mom’s laptop at the sandwich shop and all the fun that ensued).

Chocolate, pastries and coffee.

I’m very excited to see that they’re setting up another Bittersweet in Downtown Oakland, right near Oaklandish. Could mean trouble for chocolate lovers for miles around.