Miniatur Wunderland

by justinemendoza

Miniatur Wunderland: Amerika

As I said, I like trains. Apparently these people like trains too. A lot.

This team of train-lovers has created a monstrous model train world in with incredible attention to detail. They currently have 8 different regions which take up about roughly 4,265 ft. but are continuously adding, projecting they will cover 7,545 ft, have 1,300 train, 6,000 buildings and bridges, 500,000 lights, 330,000 trees, and have spent 850,000 work hours. (Okay enough with the numbers).

Not only is the scale of this diorama-gone-wild amazing, but the artistry and finesse blows me away. I can’t even begin to describe all of the little details that excite me oh-so-much.

See for yourself.

Miniatur Wunderland: Castle and Carnival

Miniatur Wunderland: Grand Canyon

Miniatur Wunderland: Scandinavia

All images via Miniatur Wunderland.