Another Amazing Feat of Domesticity

by justinemendoza

I meant to post this last night but was too exhausted. The fella’ and I had a long day yesterday. We hopped over to Urban Ore to look for a table. We have lived in a larger space for almost a year now, but are still using the stackable stools we used in our tiny (hallway) space.

The last few times at Urban Ore (if you live in the East Bay and haven’t been to Urban Ore, I highly recommend you get your arse off the chair and grab a peek) I’ve found either something I didn’t need, or absolutely nothing that fit the bill. It was starting to look disappointing until…

Library Cart!!Isn’t it perfect?! A library cart!! It moves, it stores, it has a flat surface just like a table. I dragged it around Urban Ore for the obligatory scour of the speaker/electronic/camera supply sections and someone tried to take it from me!!! I fended off the junk-vulture and went back to taking photos of old radios.

Radios at Urban Ore

My plan is to paint the cart a pretty Kelly Green. I got it started but ran out of paint. It’s going to look ah-mazing. Mark my words.

We also made a trip to the Home Depot for shelf and cubby making supplies. (I’ll post pictures of these soon – they turned out great)!

Didn’t have a chance to eat all day (and had to rush to return the ZipCar) so we had a picnic in the park(ing lot) of cheeseburgers bought at the Home Depot. Gourmet fare, it was not. The pigeons and seagulls were relentless, but the greasy cheeseburger was much-needed sustenance before going home and building our shelves.

Picnic in the Parking Lot