Brilliant Block Shelves

by justinemendoza

Almost by accident I remembered the rope shelves from this post on Emma’s Design Blog two years ago. The fella’ and I were trying to figure out how we were going to hang three shelves without brackets. The brackets were $5 each at the hardware store. Too pricey for our frugal lifestyle.


I cut (with a saber saw) 96 little blocks of wood and drilled 96 + 12 holes into the blocks and boards. Then strung the boards and blocks together.

Drilling holes and Stringing Blocks

We happened to have plenty of rope (unfortunately not the cotton rope in the original design). We didn’t have loads of different kinds of wood either. Instead, I rubbed some with pistachio oil (that left a greeny-yellow tint) and gave others a blue wash. I alternated soft pine from a broken piece of Ikea furniture and pretty oak left over from another project.

Finished Shelves!!

It’s going to look great with the soon-to-be-painted-green library cart! As soon as it stops raining!!

(Sorry my photos are atrocious. My good camera went kaput a couple of years ago, and I haven’t been able to buy a replacement).

Top image ᔥ Emma’s Design Blog  |  Amy Hunting