by justinemendoza

This week was long. My wallet was stolen last week, went to visit family over the weekend, caught an awful cold, helped finish up projects for the design conference, attended the TYPO SF design conference tThursday and Friday (I’ll post a more thorough recap in the next couple of days, including my ‘sketchnotes’). I was and am tired.

But I couldn’t resist going to HOODSLAM last night.

It’s hard to describe Hoodslam in words. It’s part underground wrestling, part bar, part melodramatic comedy, part sideshow, with a super-bitchin’ metal band to top it off. It’s wonderful. The crowd is simultaneously accepting and enthusiastically heckling. All sorts of people of all ages and backgrounds show up to watch this freakshow. And, I love it.

Last night was the 2 year anniversary, held at the Oakland Metro Operahouse in West Oakland. They went above and beyond, and were even more over-the-top than last time. I think I counted at least 3 encore wrestling matches. It seemed to never end.


Ultra Girl (woooooh!!!!) grabs one of the Stoner Brothers.


Ryu v. Scorpion v. Guile in this video game mash-up match.

Lucky me gets to design a flyer for the Hoodslam Band. I’m super excited to get started, especially now that I’ve recharged my inspiration and enthusiasm. Just have to figure out a way to recharge my energy. — Sleep would be good.