Metal, Wrestling + Video Games

by justinemendoza

I can’t help it. I love to research. I spend most of free time jumping from one link to another, categorizing, bookmarking, saving for future reference. As I find myself allowing myself to take on design jobs, after fighting it for 3 years now, this research method feels like it has found its purpose.

As I mentioned, I am making some flyers (maybe posters??) for the Hoodslam Band. My friend is one of the bandmates and, after I mentioned that I was interested in doing a flyer for the show a bit ago, he decided to take me up on the offer.‡ YAY!

Soooo. To get in the mood I started surfing. Here’s what I found:

What you might find if you google 'Metal Band Flyer'

Fecal Face

Googled ‘Metal Band Flyer’ and found what you might expect. Black + White (low budget). Lots of type (comes with the ‘flyer’ territory). Aggressive, occult, and horror inspired type: angular/spiked/pointed, blackletter (which is also angular/spiked/pointed), symmetricallity, dense, dark, illegible. Agressive, occult and horror inspired imagery: demons, lightning bolts, skulls, etc. — A good start.

I remembered this article I stumbled upon a bit ago (while I’m at it I should mention this Metal Band Name taxonomy chart via BoingBoing) about Christophe Szpajdel who has created more than 7,000 logos for death-metal bands around the world. Here are some of them:

The symmetricallity and calligraphic nature of the logos really stand out. Reminiscent of Rorschach, kinda.

Then I jumped to wrestling flyers and posters:

1 Color Screenprinted Wrestling Poster        3 Color Wrestling Poster

Left: ᔥ American Memorabilia. Right ᔥ Crypt of Wrestling.

And Lucha Libre posters like these collected by Hand Gremmen (Oooooh split-fountain!):

I like the 1990s computerized simplicity of this one:
Also, some arcade/videogame inspiration, because it seems to play a big role in Hoodslam characters and culture — especially Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat:
 ᔥ IGN.
Mortal Kombat: Scorpion. FIGHT! Street Fighter: Sheng Long Screen
Left: ᔥ Mortal Kombat Wiki. Right: ᔥ Street Fighter Wiki.

GameGrin (Hmmm… again with the symmetry!!)

Finally, while browsing, these interesting 70s band posters popped up. Might not be applicable to this project, but I’ll keep them mind:

I was going to include the brilliant Parra work that I was just introduced to (I’m late, I know) at the TYPO SF Conference. I’ll include that in my TYPO summary later. 🙂
 ‡ This footnote is to indicate a future idea for a post revolving around the idea of free work/unpaid internships/and pricing ethics. To be continued…