TYPO SF Recap: PART I — The Swiss Miss

by justinemendoza

“The internet went all sorts of magical on us.”

— Tina Roth Eisenberg on the response to Tattly.


Of all the presenters at TYPO SF, I was most excited to see Tina Roth Eisenberg, better known to the internet (design) community as Swiss Miss. I’ve been religiously visiting her blog for years now. She always seems to be trying something new, yet holds on to a distinct point of view. Her keynote presentation revolved around the idea of side projects. (My whole life consists of side projects, so naturally I was intrigued).

Two years ago she allowed herself to focus solely on her side projects. Look at all of the interesting, fun, and successful projects Tina’s worked on:

The Swiss Miss Blog

TeuxDeux: A producivity site and app.

Tattly: Designy Temporary Tattoos!


It’s Hard Being Two Tumblr (Documenting her son’s meltdowns)

 The Curator’s Code: Attribution system (You might’ve noticed I’ve been trying to use this system).

During the presentation Tina went over a list of lessons she has learned that have made her successful and happy.

Tina’s ‘lessons:’

  1. Find what you love. (You’re lucky if you find it early).
  2. Don’t be a complainer. — “The best way to complain is to make things.” (i.e. “Love it or fix it.”)
  3. Trust your intuition. Go with your gut. (For more about guts listen to last week’s RadioLab)
  4. If an opportunity scares you, take it. (I think she was talking to me when she said this).
  5. Find like-minded people. (And surround yourself with them). She works with a bunch of them.
  6. Collaborate!
  7. Ignore haters. (“Haters gonna hate.” See the animated gif below below).
  8. Inspire others.

funny gifs

ᔥ Gifbin  –>  ᔥ Omar Noory

My scribble-y Sketchnotes of the presentation.