by justinemendoza

A quick post to rejoice in the opening of Bittersweet Chocolate Cafe‘s Downtown Oakland location (right next door to Oaklandish, on Broadway, between 14th and 15th Street). I spoke with someone behind the counter (owner?) and they said business was great. They get more foot-traffic in Downtown Oakland than up in pretty, little Rockridge (posh area of Oakland). It seems they aren’t carrying all the varieties of chocolate bars made from other chocolate makers anymore in order to focus on their own products… interesting.

My favorite drink is the ‘Spicy’ hot chocolate (pictured above) and their almond croissant, but they have several varieties of hot chocolates, mochas, espresso drinks, chocolates, truffles, brownies, puddings and other chocolate confections to choose from. Great addition to the Downtown Oakland ghost-town. I’ll have to find out if they’re open weekends. Many Downtown stores and restaurants close on the weekends, adding to the ghost-town feeling.

Go visit! Satisfy your sweet-tooth and support Oakland!

PS. They have some recipes of their delectable dishes on the internets. How very nice of them.