Spring Fair: Art, Selling Crafts, Phat Jazz + Reunions

by justinemendoza

CCA Spring Craft Fair = Success!!

In addition to the thrill of participating in the craft fair, it was great to be back on my Alma Mater‘s Oakland campus, and SO much fun to see 3 amazing friends, somewhat unexpectedly: Jason showed up to play some hard-core Jazz drums. David, who I haven’t seen since high school, showed up to peruse the fair, and Megan, fellow CCA Graphic Design graduate, invited me to take part in the fair.

The mini hat stands were made by my lovely, patient, fella’ out of a wooden curtain rod finial, a brass rod, wooden dowel and pine base painted blue.

I made my first sales ever (3!) and learned a lot about selling my crafts.  My friend Megan helped me out tons. She’s done a few of the CCA craft fairs (which are great because they are free, but limited to students, alumni and professors), and was able to show me the ropes.

  1. Know what your items are worth! I was inclined to drastically reduce the price of  my fascinators from the Etsy price, but Megan and my first buyer put a stop to that. I do think reducing the prices a bit was a good idea. People seemed to respond well to the prices.
  2. Have a business card! Lots of people mentioned that they thought a friend would like my products, or were unsure about spending the money that day. I made sure to mention I was on Etsy to everyone and handed out a business card I printed the day before.
  3. Bring a mirror! In addition to figuring out how you’re going to display your items (tablecloth, stands, etc.), bring things that will help seal the deal. I had to send people to the table across the way from mine to check themselves out. I’ll definitely bring a mirror next time.
  4. Change, change, change! 5-dollar bills are the best. I kinda knew this from working at a retail shop before.
  5. Talk to people! I met tons of great artists willing to collaborate. One wonderful lady is going to teach me how to steam my own buckram bases. (And maybe even felt).

I also scored some beautiful prints at the fair. An awesome set of 7 large cards with 7 different luchadores (derived from the print above) screen-printed by Mr. Caraco, a current illustration and graphic design double major at CCA. And a beautiful print which I’ll keep a little secret for now, because it may be a Mother’s Day present.