Drums (And Camera Experimentation) In The Park

by justinemendoza

Yesterday we (PovertyLine Studios) lugged the drum set (in a shopping cart) to the park nearby. We took lots of fun/experimental footage of the fella’ playing some analog Drum and Bass, without the bass. This unedited take below was one of my favorites:

I was trying a technique called ‘lens whacking” (using a Canon 60D and a 50mm 1.8 lens) that involves holding the lens of the camera away from the body, allowing light leaks, and some distortion (tilt-shifting). I accidentally called this technique “light fracking,” which I like much better than the silly and somewhat suggestive “lens whacking.” 😛

Half-way through playing we started to develop a crowd. The park we chose is attached to the local elementary school. A bunch of kids from their after-school program gathered, cheered and evened showed off some of their break-dancing. Beautiful.

I’ll post the edited version as soon as I can. I’m looking at acquiring better video-editing software. I’ve used Final Cut in the past… iMovie seems a bit simplistic. If you have any recommendations, please leave a comment.