Elkhorn Slough

by justinemendoza

As I mentioned, I went down to La Selva to visit my grandma recently. On Sunday we hopped in the car to go take a walk in Elkhorn Slough, a beautiful “estuarine research reserve” in the nearby town of Moss Landing. It’s funny (well funny is not the right word for it…) because right next to it there’s a huge power plant with stacks you can see clear across the Monterey Bay.

We saw lots of egrets, cranes, swans and other water birds, as well as all the Spring wildflowers. On their Hummingbird Island we found this arch made of volcanic rock and oyster shells. I’m not clear on whether it’s a reconstruction or actually built by Native Americans. My grandmother seemed to remember it was the former.

Rock and Oyster shell Arch, Sticky Monkey, and Blue Dick wildflowers.