Bay Area Maker Faire

by justinemendoza

I did it! I survived Maker Faire!!

We squeezed through seas of like-minded crafters, makers and gawkers to see everything from high school science projects, to craft sellers, to Burning Man spectacles, to hacker space geeks, to homestead movement bee keepers, to ‘top-dog’ industry leaders peddling their latest technology.  Phew! I’m still exhausted.

I was most interested in seeing the tools that people are using to make and create their own crafts and products. It was great to see 3D printers in action. The ShopBots on display by 100k Garages were especially intriguing as I am interested in taking a series of CNC classes through TechShop. I’ve done tons of work in 2D/vector, but I’ve never made the jump to 3d/CAD.

I really want to get my hands on some Sugru packets to bolster my computer-charger-thingy’s wire, and headphone wires that get worn way too quickly.

OH! Check this out! Inkodye by Lumi is a new dye that exposes photo negatives using sunlight. AND it’s NON-TOXIC!! I’m excited to start using this for some of my projects in place of painting them.

I thought there was a serious void of handmade instruments, electronic music devices and music-making in general… maybe next year?

If you’ve never been to Maker Faire, I suggest going… at least once. It’s too many ideas and too many people stuff into one place, but it’ll blow your mind with possibilities. It’s a great catalyst.