New Kicks!

by justinemendoza

Been hitting the courts lately… Tennis Courts, that is.

This is a funny statement to me as I have never played tennis before, nor did I ever think I would ever, ever play tennis. But it’s fun!

As someone who walks around in sandals most days of the year I was ill-equipped with anything to do some real playing in so I snagged some New Balance running shoes. They have great arch support for my flat, flat feet, and the shoes I bought were on super on sale and made in the US!

They’re ELECTRIC blue!

The fella’ bought 890s and I have 690s… almost matching.

New Balance is one of the few athletic shoe companies¬†manufacturing their shoes in the US. Although they do manufacture shoes in Asia as well. (I’m trying to find a comprehensive list/infographic that details where all shoes companies manufacture that also summarizes their labor practices… but I haven’t yet).

Here’s a video of how their New Balance shoes are made. I love how it sounds like one of those 1950/60s advertisement/PSA shorts.

I don’t mean to push New Balance too much but I also love this video from the New Balance ‘Excellent Makers’ video series: