Goat Tacos

by justinemendoza

My sister Natalie and I have been itching to make tacos de chivo for what seems like forever. We finally got a chance while I was house-sitting for my mom up in Sonoma county. It’s so much fun cooking in her kitchen. We decided to follow this recipe from The Kitchn with a few tweaks like using apple cider vinegar, a blonde beer, whole pasilla peppers and large slices of sweet-onions for the marinade.

Searing the meat, above, was a super important step and it smelled fantastically smoky. We bought our meat from a huge Mexican market in Santa Rosa. They only had goat rib meat available, but next time I hope to try a fresh cut, if we can find or order one nearby.

After letting the roasted goat cool a bit we pick it off the bone and gave it a rough chop.

Topped with homemade tomatillo salsa (blended some roasted tomatillos, onions, garlic, soaked pasilla peppers) onion, fresh cilantro and avocado we dug in to our tacos!! Yummy!