Whale, What Do We Have Here?

by justinemendoza

Whales are amazing and inspiring creatures. I’m not sure if it’s their massive size, their mournful songs, their elusivity. Something about them is magic, and we humans seem to want to connect with them, understand them. The RadioLab’s Animal Minds  piece about a few divers’ experience saving a whale outside of the San Francisco Bay perfectly illustrates this desire. I heard it ages ago, and have been thinking of it ever since.

I’ve never had the opportunity to swim with whales (although I have been whale-watching) but I have found myself gravitating towards these everyday items that somehow capture whale-magic:

1. Goodly Whale Bottle Opener  |  2. Whale Drumhead Painting via DesignSponge  |  3. Plush Whales  |  4. Whale Mug by Laura Cooke via Hunter and Hare  |  5. Wooden Desk Whale  |  6. Whale Handkerchief

Above is a behind the scenes image (via Bradford Shellhammer) of the Green Porno series with Isabella Rossellini. Each episode describes the mating rituals and reproductive procedures of different animals complete with amazing costumes and set design. The above image is from their Whale episode, obviously.