Thinking Outside the (LEGO) Block

by justinemendoza

A handful of LEGOs, or “Automatic Binding Blocks” as they were originally named, are like holding a blank canvas. You are limited only by your imagination and the number of building blocks you can accumulate. But don’t stop there! Check out the following tangents and tweaks on the traditional LEGO block to inspire yourself to think outside the block:

Muji LEGO Brick & Paper set allows you to bind paper to LEGO bricks with pre-made kits. They also sell a hole-punch that punches out the 4-hole grid needed to pair with the top of a LEGO brick.

Moleskine makes these limited edition LEGO notebooks complete with a LEGO brick embedded in the cover. I totally identify with the ‘Think With Your Hands’ concept. The yellow ribbon bookmark is a really nice touch, too.

I can’t stop staring at these Bird MOCs (MOC = My Own Creation, sets that LEGO builders can make by modifying and combining pieces together) by Thomas Poulsom. You can help make his designs into real LEGO sets available for purchase by supporting him here.

After seeing this you may have a hard time popping their heads off. Minifig Anatomical Model by Jason Freeny. Via Geekologie

The Free Universal Construction Kit allows you to bind multiple construction sets together with these 3D printed adapter pieces. There’s no stopping you now! Via MAKE Magazine.

Stay “tuned” for more LEGO creativity very soon.