Moving on Up

by justinemendoza

Yes, Yes. It’s been months since my last post. Part of that time was spent feeling lazy, then moping, then wallowing, then realization, then franticly searching, and finally MOVING! I searched far and wide for a house that would fit within our tiny budget, but that would welcome

  1. A couple. (A surprising number of places put a limit on couples or multiple occupancy).
  2. 2 cats.
  3. Drums!! (And about 20 other musical instruments, not to mention a record breaking number of speakers. Why do we need so many? I don’t know — ask the Mr.).
  4. Room! Room for art, building, gardening a must.
  5. Most importantly, (for me) SUNSHINE!! (We’ve been living in a windowless warehouse for the last few years).

It took a while but we found it. A little cottage in the back of a duplex. It has a gas stove, bamboo floors, a boarded up fireplace (that is painted white and looks like an igloo). There’s an unused patch of dying grass that none of the other residents seem to care about and will soon receive a much-needed make-over.

Speaking of make-overs, our Landlord is very practical and generous and told us that we can make any improvements to the place that we deem fit. We’ve already started by taking down some ramshackle cupboards that were both ill-fitting and ill-placed. We’ve replaced them with some simple open-shelving, and threw the old cupboards under the house in the crawl-space just in case we need to put them back.

We have some more DIY projects in queue which I hope to post. Next up: butcher block/kitchen cart and choosing paint colors for the kitchen cabinets.