BITBLOX: Alphabet Blocks for the Digital Age

by justinemendoza

The project my colleagues and I have been working on these last few months (but have been thinking about for years) is finally launched!! BITBLOX are a set of 28 awesome and artfully crafted alphabet blocks embossed and printed with pixelated letters and icons. I love the juxtaposition of old-school analog blocks and retro digital imagery.

My workmate James went through several ideas and iterations before we settled on the final 13×13 pixel grid, and 9×9 pixel letters. I actually love that paperclip looking one all the way to the left.

Glyfyx (sister company of PSY/OPS Type Foundry) is also bundling a free typeface of 8 custom made pixel fonts with every purchase of Bitblox. — Or you can buy them separately.

They BITBLOX are now available for sale on Glyfyx Inc.‘s revamped website. We only made a limited run, so get ’em while they last.