Typographic Illustrations Added to Portfolio

by justinemendoza

I’ve just added some of the typographic illustrations I made for PSY/OPS Type Foundry onto my “Portfolio” page. (I put it in quotation marks because it’s more of just a repository with little to no organization at the moment).

Each poster is an abstract illustration inspired by and using a typeface from PSY/OPS’ collection.
I’ll post some more from the series soon!

JUSTINE_Vidange_Garage Shadow by Justine Mendoza for PSY/OPS Type Foundry

Decompostion by Justine Mendoza Perception II by Justine Mendoza

Bright Idea featuring Luminance by Justine Mendoza Clavicle featuring Retablo by Justine Mendoza

If you’re interested in a print, contact me at iamjustinemendoza(AT)gmail.com and I can work with PSY/OPS to fulfill your request.