Hella Good: From Sketch to Window Word

by justinemendoza

Window Words are laser cut acrylic suncatchers that hang from windows, mirrors of any other glass surface. I thought some people might like to see the behind the scenes process of some of the Window Words, so I wrote up a little step-by-step starting with my favorite: Hella Good.

1. I sketched out an idea using my new favorite sketching method, the Paper app for iPad (shout out to my sister & her husband who gifted it to me for planning their wedding) and a handy stylus.

Hella Good Sketch

2. I then opened the image in Illustrator and traced the lettering with my tablet   using guides to improve the consistency of my x-heights. I also tweaked the bezier curves to make them look more elegant. I then chose a calligraphic “brush” (a slightly elongated and angled oval) to apply to my now vector lettering.

I built the surrounding frame and duplicated a little smiley face pattern throughout it.

There are a couple of other detail-y things I did to ensure a readable and laser-cuttable design.

Hella Good Process

3. I did a test of the laser cutting partly because I had some extra cardboard, and partly to test what parts of the design were too delicate & needed changes.

Hella Good Cardboard Test

4. Laser cutting at Techshop! I leave the paper on the acrylic while laser cutting in order to prevent discoloration.


5. Aaaaaaand DONE! I peel the paper off and poke out any remaining bits (which is the most satisfying and relaxing part of the process). Finished product! Now available for sale on my Etsy shop Moonish Goods. Check it out!!

Window Word: Hella Good - Fluorescent Green by Moonish Goods Hella Good in fluorescent green by Moonish Goods!