Type and Characters – the history of type design at CCA

by justinemendoza

Types & Characters CCA Type Exhibit

image from CCA Graphic Design Programs’ Facebook page

Types and Characters exhibit at CCA

I recently had the honor to be included in Types and Characters (read my write up for Glyfyx here), an exhibit of the history of type design at California College of the Arts.

The CCA Advanced Design Exhibition class taught by Jon Sueda (how I wish the class was available to me when I was at CCA) curated the exhibit, featuring type designed in Rod Cavazos’ Type Design Studio class (mine included). It also showcased work by two of my favorite professors Rod Cavazos (of course) and Bob Afouldish. I had a huge “design crush” on Bob in school, I think that’s why I freeze up whenever he’s around me. Ugh, I’ve GOT to get over that.

They also exhibited work by the talented and prolific James Edmondson. Loved his skateboards.

One of my favorite things was how they displayed the student sketches from 7 years of Rod’s Type Design Studio.
sketches from the students of Rod Cavazos'' Type Design Studio

And here’s a sample of the typeface I designed in Rod’s class in 2007 which made it into their exhibit catalog.
Euphonie by Justine Mendoza circa 2007

Read my write up of the event on the Glyfyx blog!