X for Getting Upper exhibit

X  | Screen Printed Poster  |  Getting Upper Exhibit
Pasadena Museum of California Art
April 2011  |  Printed by Bloom Screen Printing Co.

Typographic Illustrations for PSY/OPS Type Foundry

JUSTINE_Vidange_Garage Shadow by Justine Mendoza for PSY/OPS Type Foundry
Full Service featuring Vidange | Shadow featuring VM75

Decompostion by Justine Mendoza Perception II by Justine Mendoza
Decomposition featuring Inégalé | Perception II featuring Krasivyi

Bright Idea featuring Luminance by Justine Mendoza Clavicle featuring Retablo by Justine Mendoza
Bright Idea featuring Luminance | Clavicle featuring Retablo

Odds & Ends

Natalie’s Tea Party  | Bridal Shower Invitation  |  Personal Project  |  2012

Greeting Cards for PSY/OPS Type Foundry & Glyfyx, Inc.

Eczes  |  Greeting Card  |  for PSY/OPS Type Foundry

Binary Solo  | Postcard  |   for Glyfyx, Inc.

 Eczes  |  Greeting Card  |  for PSY/OPS Type Foundry

Particle Capture  |  Greeting Card  |  PSY/OPS Type Foundry

Logos and Business Cards

…More Coming Soon…

Personal Business Card | J’s and Cyan | circa 2006  | Printed by The Key Printing and Binding